Friday, August 14, 2020

Woman With Rare Mental Disorder Believes She Is A Chicken

A 54-year-old woman from Belgium was spotted clucking and blowing her cheeks like a chicken in her garden. Her brother also found her crowing like a rooster and took her to a hospital immediately.

She complained about the feeling of new sensations in her limbs. She was also embarrassed about the incident where she behaved like a chicken in the garden but could not remember anything about the episode clearly.

Doctors and researchers have linked the woman’s condition to depression, she slipped into after a family member’s death. They have found that she suffers from a rare mental disorder called zoanthropy where human believe they are an animal.

Since 1850, only such 56 cases have been found in world where people have found behaving like a dog, lion, tiger, hyena, shark, crocodile, frog, bovine, cat, goose, bird, bee and so on.


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