Saturday, September 18, 2021

Shreyas Talpade Reveals His Wife Attended Iqbal Premiere Posing As His Sister

Recalling a past incident, Shreyas Talpade said that director Nagesh Kukunoor did not want him to get married before his debut film Iqbal released. He almost got his wedding canceled ahead of the film’s shooting. He, however, told Kukunoor that he will keep his marital status under wraps and convinced him to get a day off for his wedding.

Later, before the film released, his wife attended the premiere posing as his sister. Talpade revealed that even the film’s producer Subhash Ghai did not know about his marriage.

The talented actor said that over the years in Bollywood he has learned that there are some actors who are insecure to share the screen space with him. He also opened up about his work in Bollywood and said that he has several times done a film just for the sake of his friends in the industry. But, his friends back-stabbed him and made films without including Talpade in them. In Bollywood, you can have many acquaintances, not friends, he believes.



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