Thursday, October 21, 2021

Rhea’s “Helpless Father” Urges Army For Support, Calls Sushant Consumer, Procurer, Financier Of Drugs

Rhea’s father Indrajit Chakraborty shared his helplessness and dilemma in a series of tweets after his daughter was arrested by NCB. Indrajit said that the court has rejected the plea for Rhea’s bail and they will now apply for bail at the session’s court. No father can bear injustice done to his daughter and he should die, said Indrajit.

Pointing out at Sushant’s alleged drug abuse, Indrajit said that his daughter has to go to jail because her “boyfriend who is now dead used to smoke weed”.

He also urged his army friends to stand in support of his daughter and help him seek justice for his family.


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