Friday, August 14, 2020

Paranormal Expert Claims He Spoke To Sushant Singh Rajput’s Spirit

Popular paranormal expert Steve Huff has claimed he had a few session with Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit. Huff has been in working in the field of paranormal studies since the last 10 years. He claims to have invented a ‘spirit box’ through which he allegedly speaks to the spirits.

Huff has released two videos that show his alleged sessions with Sushant’s spirit. In the video, Huff asks him about the reason for his demise and the place where he is currently in.

In reply, a voice can be heard saying things like “I’m getting the light”, “I’ve got wings”, “I want to meet God” and many more things. When asked about what happened on the night of 13th June, the voice replies “an argument with men”.

Have a look at both the videos released by Huff here:

We never know how authentic Huff’s paranormal conversation with Sushant’s spirit is. But we hope he is at peace wherever he is!


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