Saturday, September 18, 2021

20-YO Manipur Woman Called ‘Corona’, Assaulted & Abused In Gurugram

20-year-old, Chong Hoi Misao, a Manipur woman was in Faizapur, Gurugram to visit a friend. On her way back home, she was stopped by an elderly woman who claimed that the area was private property. The woman then began hurling racist abuses at the girl.

When Misao asked her to speak politely, the woman called her ‘Corona’. She was soon joined by her daughter-in-law and son who beat her up with sticks. Misao felt unconscious, some villagers came to her rescue and called police.

Misao is currently at a hospital getting treated and waiting for her CT scan reports.

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  1. Such metenlity of uncivilised and communal people is dengerour for unity and integrity of India. Such events make the people of North East Reason naturally alienated. The result will be truncated map of India in some point of time if such people are mentenlly educated in time. India is such a diverse country that one need to respect all the community and their diverse culture and way of living. Intolerence will only lead to disintegration of the country.


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