Saturday, September 18, 2021

Govt Extends Lockdown Until June 30: Malls, Religious Places, Inter-State Movement To Open

The central government has extended the nationwide lockdown in the containment zones until June 30 following the coronavirus outbreak. While many relaxations have been issued in the other zones throughout the country.

Here is the list of things that are allowed to open in the fifth phase of lockdown from June 8:

  1. Religious places and places of worship
  2. Hotels, restaurants and hospitality services
  3. Shopping malls
  • Inter-state and intra-state movement of people without e-pass
  • Schools, colleges, coaching centres will be reopened most likely in July with consultations with states and Union Territories.
  • Dates of reopening of international travel, metro, gymnasiums and cinema halls will be decided on consultation with states and UTs.
  • Night curfew timings have been changed to 9 pm to 5 am.
  • Shramik and special trains, domestic air travel, evacuation of Indians from different countries and sign on and sign off of Indian seafarers will continue to be regulated.


  1. Can anybody explain how will this bring down the rising number of positive cases? With the bare minimum percent of contribution to healthcare from GDP, is India’s system prepared to handle the situation what government is trying to create through this ease?

  2. Corono positive numbers will still rise. We haven’t hit the peak yet so it is going to increase. You can’t have lockdown forever and for country’s growth you need to start work. Money should flow other wise economy will fall. Containment zone still have lockdown and if in any area cases are rising then it will also get lockdown. For healthcare system, I guess now and also in future, government will surely focus more on healthcare systems. Rightnow I am not sure how this will go ahead but every health worker is trying their best. So hope for the best and pray for everyone.


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