Sunday, September 19, 2021

Kangana Ranaut: Shahrukh Khan and Mine Are the Biggest Success Stories

Kangana Ranaut is celebrating 15 years of success of her debut film Gangster. With this, Kangana also completes a decade and a half in the film industry. Kangana tweeted about her tough ride from a Himalayan village to the city of dreams and achieving success in films.

Comparing herself to Shahrukh Khan, Kangana said that her’s and SRK’s are the biggest success stories in Bollywood. The Thalaivi star called Shahrukh privileged and said that he came from a big city like Delhi, was convent educated, and had his parents in the film industry unlike her. Kangana mentioned that she had always battled her way through her career and achieved the success that is remarkable.

All her battles have been worth it, said Kangana.


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