Friday, August 14, 2020

Israeli Jeweller Makes Diamond-Studded Gold Mask With N-99 Filters Worth ₹11 Crore

Israel gold mask
An Israeli jeweller has made a COVID-19 mask worth Rs 11 crore that is believed to be the most expensive mask in the world at present. Made with 18-carat white gold, the mask is studded with white and black diamonds. It also...

Diabetic Man Did Not Want To Eat Potato Curry Made By Wife So She Beat Him With A Bat!

Potato Curry
Harshad Gohel, a 40-tear-old man from Ahemdabad objected to eating potato curry prepared by his wife. He said that doctor had asked him to avoid potatoes as he has diabetes. His wife, Tara Gohel allegedly started hurling abuses...

In A Progressive Move, Zomato Announces “Period Leave” For Women & Transgender Staff

Zomato chief executive Deepinder Goyal, recently, announced a 10 days annual "period leave" for women and transgender staff. The employees will now be able to apply for 10 leaves every year during their menstrual days. The food delivery...

“Binod” Is Trending On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Altogether, Here’s Why!

binod memes
f you are not living under a rock this weekend, we are pretty sure you must be baffled at why "Binod" is trending everywhere. From memes to the latest trends, "Binod" has taken over the social media by storm and how! So,...

Woman With Rare Disorder Has Her Belly Growing Uncontrollably Since Two Years

Woman with growing belly
Huang Guoxian, a 36-year-old Chinese woman is seeking help from people around to world regarding her uncontrollably growing belly. The mother two went to a few doctors two years back when her belly kept on enlarging. It was painful back then. She...

Mumbai Floods, 141 Trees Fall Due To Heavy Rains For The First Time In Last 30 Years

Mumbai Floods
In the last couple of days, Mumbai has recorded the heaviest rainfall since 2005. The city has received 293.8 mm rainfall in 12 hours causing flood-like situation in many low-lying parts of Mumbai. The posh area of South...

Curious Case Of A Man Who Can Read Letters But Not Numbers Baffles Researchers

A man known as RFS has become the subject of a mysterious case study for the researches. The man, who is in his late 60's complained about frequent headaches, amnesia, tremors, and difficulty walking in October 2010. Doctors...

Kerala Man Quits Smoking, Saves ₹5 Lakh In 8 Years To Build A Bigger House

No smoking
75-year-old Venugopalan Nair was an ardent smoker until he was forced to leave the habit following a medical condition. Nair decided to save the amount he would use to buy cigarettes thereafter. It's been eight years since Nair...

82-YO Woman To End Her 28 Years Long Fast With Prasad From Ram Mandir Ayodhya

Urmila Chaturvedi
An 82-year-old woman from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has been fasting since the past 28 years. She gave up on grains and have been living on milk, curd and fruits in support of the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Twitter Fumes In Anger As IPL Decides To Go Ahead With Chinese Sponsors

IPL 2020
The much-awaited tournament of the year, IPL 2020 is set to commence on September 19 in UAE. The governing council has, however, decided that they will go ahead with Chinese sponsors like VIVO. After...