Friday, September 17, 2021

Nepal Women Run With Husbands On Their Back To Preach Gender Equality

race of gender equality
Several Nepalese women participated in a bizarre race at a school in Nepal’s Devghat Village Council. The race required the women to carry their husbands on their back to prove that women are as strong as men. The weird display of gender equality was held...

“Aliens Exist, US Has an Agreement with Them”, Says Israel Space Chief

Aliens exist
Haim Eshed, a Former Israel space security chief recently opened in detail about extraterrestrial life and mankind's contact with them. Eshed claimed that aliens do exist in outer space. He said that the US and Israel are in contact with them but have not...

Harbhajan Singh Does Math To Prove Indians Really Don’t Need Vaccine, Trolled

Former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh took to Twitter to compare the accuracy rates of coronavirus vaccines and recovery rates of the Indian population. With a few mathematical comparisons, Harbhajan concluded that Indians don't really need a COVID-19 vaccine as the recovery rate here is...

Protesting Farmers Offer Prasad To Cops On Guru Nanak Jayanti, Win Hearts

Farmers distribute prasad to cops
Over 3 lakh farmers across India, especially Punjab and Haryana have gathered around Delhi to protest against the Farm Bills passed by the government in September. The protesting farmers have been bombarded with water cannons, tear gas shells, lathis etc by the police in...

Specially-abled Woman On Crutches Becomes Sarpanch Of Two Villages In Maharashtra

specially-abled woman becomes sarpanch
Kavita Bhondwe from Nashik in Maharashtra, a specially-abled woman has defied all the odds to become the sarpanch of not one but two villages in Maharashtra. Kavita faced many obstacles and opposition from people for taking to leadership with a disability. But overcoming the difficulties,...

82-YO Woman Lifts Weights, Does Squats In A Saree, Watch Video

82-yo woman lifts weights
A video of an 82-year-old woman is going viral on social media, of late. The saree-clad granny can be seen lifting weights and doing squats in the video. Have a look: The woman is the grandmother of fitness trainer Chirag Chordia. He designed a set...

Man Watches ‘Bigg Boss’ as Doctors Perform Critical Brain Surgery on Him

Bigg Boss during brain surgery
A 33-year-old Vara Prasad in Andhra Pradesh underwent brain surgery which required him to stay awake throughout. The neurosurgeons operated on him to remove a recurrent glioma in his brain that has been troubling him since 2016. The surgery was critical and the man has...

Desi Twitter Acknowledges Sacrifices Made By Men on International Men’s Day

International Men's Day
November 19 is celebrated as International Men's Day across the globe. While many are unaware of the occasion, many others who remember the importance of the day have shared meaningful messages dedicated to men on social media. Many have decided to give the attention and...

Man Facing Financial Crisis Gets a New Home as Diwali Gift From School Friends

man gets home as diwali gift
Muthukumar, a 44-year-old truck driver from Tamil Nadu was facing a severe financial crisis as earnings dropped to zero during the lockdown. His financial condition worsened during the pandemic as his earnings fell from Rs 15,000 per month to just Rs 2000. He could hardly...

Nepal Celebrates Kukur Tihar, Worship Dogs Offer Them Food

Kukur Tihar
Nepal celebrated "Kukur Tihar", a festival dedicated to dogs recently. As a part of the five day Diwali celebrations, the Hindus in Nepal worship dogs and celebrate their bond with humans. Have a look at the photos here: As per religious texts, the significance of the...