Friday, September 17, 2021

Arjun Kapoor Weighed 150 Kg at 16, “I Developed Asthma, Got Injured Due to My Weight”

After his parents split up, Arjun Kapoor says he found his comfort in food. As a teenager, the Bollywood actor got indulged into food to keep himself distracted from the mishappenings of his life. He also took a crash course in cutting chopping from Chef Gulaam Gouse Deewani and started working in a restaurant kitchen.

Arjun recalled the days when his eating habits went a bit out of control. He weighed as much as 150 kgs when he was 16. His obesity reached a point where started developing asthma and other health issues. He also suffered injuries due to his weight. Arjun then realized that it’s high time he must shift to a healthier lifestyle.

The Grandson of Sardar actor then gave up on rice and sweets for two years and gradually with diet and workout Arjun walked his way to a healthy and fit lifestyle.


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